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Come with me to learn how to control your child’s deformities, with a sequence of exercises developed by me and approved by many families around the globe.

They are practical and easy exercises for you that ate a care provider to do at home and ensure a much better quality of life for your child.

Dr Patricia Crippa
2 online meetings
6 weeks of follow-up by a WhatsApp group.
Start date: 09/04
Live online meetings: 09/18 and 10/09

BONUS: WhatsApp group during the first 6 weeks of the course with my participation and that of my team for you to interact with other mothers, clear doubts and exchange a lot of experience.

Classes taught by Dr. Patricia Crippa, PhD in Motor Control, 22 years of experience.

Recorded classes with home exercises to control deformities in patients with different pathologies.
Expertise in AME – Spinal Muscular Atrophy.